Juan Manuel García Dujo: "Cybersecurity is not plug&play, it needs a lot of work"

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Juan Manuel García Dujo, CIO and CISO of Cerealto believes that we should not fall into the error of selling fear, that it is better to explain the risks; that a good CISO has to have technical and business skills; that it is better to have fewer things, but well set up, and few suppliers, but very reliable; and that what the market needs is "technologies that make our lives easier".

The fact that the world of security is linked to the world of technology, and also that you like it, was the breeding ground for Juan Manuel García Dujo, currently CIO, CISO, DPO and a few other things, at Cerealto Siro Foods, to take a step forward when, about 10 years ago, his company decided to create an Information Security department, which would start from scratch and would depend on the Systems Department. The executive recalls that little by little it grew and in two or three years "there were already two people and we were even starting to talk about industrial cybersecurity".

In García Dujo's opinion, cybersecurity has gone from being "something you have to have, to something that adds value to the company", and he assures that it has been a challenge "that the guy who always says no can say how to do it, and is taken into account".

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