Responsibility throughout the value chain 

At Cerealto we pay close attention to every detail in the production process in order to meet the following objectives:
  • Protect our Food Safety Culture..
  • Train and teach our workers on Quality and Food Safety, as an indispensable priority that is our duty to meet.
  • Eliminate ingredients or additives originating genetically modified organisms (GMO) in fulfilment of current legislation.
  • Ensure that all our plants are audited and certified as necessary, exceeding all expectations.
  • Transparently manage allergens to guarantee that they comply with the legally established labelling requirements.
  • Comply with all regulations and legal requirements regarding quality and food safety.
  • Promote continuous improvement of the Quality Management and Food Safety System, processes and products that enhance competitiveness and quality.
  • Include programmes to protect food products against deliberate adulteration and food fraud in our Management System, in order to protect our manufacturing process and products against threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Establish the strictest management systems in the sector basing them on the Codex Alimentarius principles.


Cerealto implements a Quality and Food Safety Management System externally accredited to the most demanding international standards: International Food Standard (IFS), Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) and the Foundation Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSCC). The system has been endorsed by independent companies, including surprise or unscheduled audits.