Circular economy

We work every day to ensure a present and future based on sustainability in all our operations.

Cerealto implements a circular economy model which means we are able to improve the efficiency and use of resources , reducing waste to a minimum and reusing any in the production cycle.

Environmental milestones

Zero waste production at all our factories in Spain and Portugal since 2019. We are working to achieve this goal at 100% of our sites internationally.

Renewal of the ISO 14001 Certificate in 2023 at all the Company’s factories.

Measuring and controlling our environmental footprint regarding water resources and emissions.

Environmental training and awareness among our workers, including best environmental practices and raising awareness on reducing energy and water consumption.

Energy efficiency

  • Installation of 12.000 solar panels at our Spanish manufacturing plants which covers over 70% of our electricity requirements
  • Installation of 1.200 solar panels at our plant in Pastificio (Italy).
  • Long-term clean energy sale & purchase agreement which guarantees that 50% of our electricity supply will be from renewable energy sources in the coming years.
  • Study of the scope of our energy monitoring system conducted at our Toro factory, and also two further project studies for thermal generation based on solar energy (7.5 GWh scheduled, 1,035 TeqCO2) and installation of biomass boilers in order to further diversify our fuel mix.
  • Implementation of different actions to reduce water and energy consumption.
  • Installation of energy consumption monitoring and management systems.
  • Promoting more efficient processes, identifying base consumption at plants and the actions to reduce consumption and improve energy efficiency at our production sites.
  • Training our maintenance teams, production planners and factory managers on energy management routines and good habits, working on energy awareness and driving
  • Standardisation of high energy efficiency components or heat recovery systems in new investment projects, either replacing existing equipment or when new equipment is installed.