Skilled talent

We work every day to provide a differentiated choice of products, one that confers value, and we are always improving by applying the latest technological progress and market trends to meet consumer preferences.

To ensure that our innovation will be successful, we have the necessary resources, since we understand Open Innovation as a fundamental pillar to reduce Time to Market, which in turn helps us to be more agile and ensure our customers hold a competitive advantage.

R&D Projects Committee. Consisting of a group of scientific, marketing and product experts who are in charge of standardising processes, documentation and implementation, as well as for monitoring and final delivery of the projects.

Collaborative Research Projects Committee. At Cerealto we encourage applied scientific knowledge through collaboration programmes with Universities, Food Research Centres and technology companies in the industry.

Innovation projects

Furthermore, our R&D&I specialists have worked on developing tools to promote technological surveillance, knowledge-sharing, open innovation, people motivation and creating new business opportunities such as:

Open Forum

TedTalks where internal and external experts share their knowledge on trends, innovation levers and strategy.

Design Thinking and Synectics Method

Problem solving methodologies and creativity.

Innovation Journey

A systematic, personalised process in our approach to innovation that allows us to create solutions adapted to our consumers and the challenge that has been set, to be agile and efficient to reduce Time to Market.

Innovation Day

An in-house competition to share solutions to the latest demands by consumers, trends and strategy.

We actively participate in the following workgroups

Food4Life by FIAB

"Plataforma de Innovación Abierta y Colaborativa" (PIA) by AECOC


We have strategic innovation platforms grouped into four areas of interest: consumers, wellbeing, competitiveness and sustainability.

Product improvement

Centered on innovation, we continuously enhance and refine our products to align with evolving consumer demands, addressing specific nutritional requirements and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Our product range includes organics, high-protein options, reduced-fat, low-salt, and/or low-sugar offerings, as well as products featuring superfoods and ancient grains.


We are also also pioneers in the development of products with artificial intelligence. We developed an algorithm that allows us to collect and analyse millions of pieces of data on new trends, interpret the emotions behind each product and make market launches more likely to succeed.


Guaranteeing our customers’ trust is a competitive advantage that we guarantee by protecting our know-how and confidentiality.

We collaborate closely with our customers, maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality throughout the entire process. We act as integral members of their team, fostering seamless communication and consistently listening to their evolving needs.