We are committed to our people

We drive professional development and consolidation of high-performing, strongly engaged teams, whilst ensuring their wellbeing and personal development.

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We implement a comprehensive Talent Management system, consisting of different tools to help us set goals, assess performance, improve our leadership and to identify high-potential colleagues.


We believe in the value of diversity and prioritise multidisciplinary talent.

Cerealto is committed to providing opportunities. Integrating people at risk of social exclusion, and specifically people with different capabilities, has always been one of our values and a hallmark of our Company right from the outset.



  • Among the top 100 best companies for bringing in and retaining talent in Spain according to the Merco Talento ranking.
  • Rated as one of the top hundred best reputed companies in Spain by MERCO.
  • “Best company for disabled workers” - international acknowledgement from the United Nations headquarters in New York.
  • Castilla & León Award for Human and Social Values.
  • Bronze Medal for Sporting Merit awarded by the Presidency of the Higher Sports Council.
  • Disability Confident Employer.
  • The Valuable 500.
  • Merca2 Award.
  • ConSalud Award for “Social Integration".
  • Adhesion to the European and Spanish Pact for Youth, driven by the European Commission and CSR Europe, headed up in Spain by Forética.
  • European Enterprise Programme: Job and Social Integration for Disabled Persons.