Cerealto Siro Foods will invest more than 40 million euros over the next three years to improve its competitiveness


The new owners share their plan for the next three years with the workers of all their factories in Spain. The company will focus on improving its competitiveness and achieving profitability based on quality and innovation.

Cerealto Siro Foods (CSF) has started today a round of presentations with the collaborators of all its work centres in Spain with the aim of informing them of the transformation process in which the company is immersed after the entry of the new owners, Afendis and Davidson Kempner, and to share its plans for the next three years.

The company's president, Cem Karakaş, has conveyed to the staff "his confidence in the future of the Company and its collaborators and the need to implement measures that guarantee the competitiveness, profitability and viability of the business in the short term in order to become the industry's benchmark supplier, based on the axes of quality and innovation". To this end, the company plans to invest more than 40 million euros over the next three years to guarantee the improvement of quality, food safety and operational efficiency, as well as innovation, cost improvement and energy efficiency.

Over the next few days, the management will hold a total of six meetings. The first two took place today in Venta de Baños (Palencia).

Since the new ownership took over in June, and after reaching an agreement with all the plants to implement a Competitiveness Improvement Plan, all the company's efforts have been focused on guaranteeing the competitiveness and improving the future profitability of Cerealto Siro Foods.

Rut Aranda, member of the Executive Committee, and Javier Leal, Director of Operations, who also participated today in the first meetings with employees, will accompany the Executive Chairman, Cem Karakaş, in all the planned sessions, in which employees will have the opportunity to hear first-hand about the Company's plans, as well as raise any doubts or concerns they may have. The Company is thus embarking on a new phase marked by transparency in which it relies on the involvement and collaboration of all its people.

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