Cerealto confirms its commitment to sustainability in Italy with a renewable self-consumption project

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  • The food company will install 1,200 panels at its Via Lerma plant.
  • Thanks to its commitment to renewables, Cerealto will be able to produce almost 500,000 kvH per year at its plant in Italy.


Cerealto Pastificio Mediterranea confirms its commitment to sustainability with a significant investment in self-generation of electricity.

During the month of May, the installation of a photovoltaic system on the entire roof surface of Cerealto's Italian production plant in Via Lerma, Silvano d'Orba, will be completed.

More than 1,200 state-of-the-art panels will allow Cerealto to produce some 500,000 kvH per year, which will cover part of its electricity consumption needs for pulp production.

"For the Cerealto plant in Italy, this is a very important investment. In addition to increasing our competitiveness, it will allow us to reduce our environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 250,000 kg, the equivalent of a thousand trees"says Marco Ferraroni, Director of Pastificio.

"This is a further step that confirms our concern for the environment: we have already been eliminating production waste for years, recovering it thanks to a circular economy project that allows us to reuse it for zootechnical uses and biogas production. Sustainability is one of the dominant trends in the market; it is a duty that all companies must face in order to find solutions that can improve their commitment and responsibility to society and the environment in the short term. It is no longer enough to produce quality products, consumers also demand that companies produce them in the most sustainable way for the planet, adds the manager.

Cerealto, an international group in the food sector of which its Italian plant, Pastificio Mediterranea, forms part, is taking this challenge very seriously. The Italian photovoltaic plant project is part of the "Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Plan" developed by the Spanish parent company, which foresees the installation of more than 24,000 solar panels by 2023, which will allow the group to cover 70% of its electricity needs from renewable sources.

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